I am confident that if you are pregnant or have been recently you have at some point heard someone else’s opinion on how this natural phase of life should go. This particularly applies to self-image during the early postpartum stage, aka the fourth trimester. If you spend any time online, it’s difficult to avoid seeing posts about recovering and getting back to that pre-pregnancy body. While this is not the purpose of Bengkung belly binding—the tradition of wrapping the abdominal area with a long cloth after childbirth—it is helpful for the following reasons:

-Helps uterus return to pre-pregnancy size, assisting with postpartum healing and minimizing bleeding

-Helps heal diastasis recti: abdominal separation from childbirth

-Physically supports the body during breastfeeding sessions

-Alleviates back, hip, and pelvic pain arising out of pregnancy

-Stabilizes loose ligaments from the relaxin hormone in childbirth

-Minimizes water, air, and fat in tissue in the abdominal and pelvic regions, helping to improve body image and promote self-esteem

-Provides a routine and ritual, which can be significant to postpartum mental health

-Allows organs to slowly return to their pre-pregnancy position, promoting healing and recovery over a healthy timeline

How is this different from waist training with a corset? A corset is often made of thick, unforgiving materials which can limit mobility and force your body to heal differently from how it was positioned pre-pregnancy.  A belly wrap used through Bengkung belly binding provides gentle compression, which allows for flexibility and ease of movement. An added bonus: it’s also BEAUTIFUL! This produces the best results when done within the first week of postpartum, or once your abdominal incision from surgical delivery has healed. Ideally, you will wear the wrap 8-12 hours per day for about 40 days post-delivery. I am able to teach this method to mom and partner, if applicable, so that you can help yourself heal through those first few weeks post-birth, empowering you to love and give your body grace during this important time. The pregnant body takes approximately 40 weeks to prepare itself for delivery, so be sure to afford sufficient time to making your body feel how it did prior.

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