The times they are a changin’! It’s starting to feel like everyone is staying home due to the recent COVID pandemic. Whether it’s for work, for school, or even for delivering a baby, we’re all missing that personal connection! While this doula loves her some homebirths, for those still planning to deliver at their local hospital, the ever changing policies and visitation restrictions can be stressful to navigate. Worst case scenario, doulas are not permitted into the hospital at all. If this were to happen, you should know about your options for virtual support! We’ve also found that lots of new parents desire educational and informational support, as opposed to physical support (even though my double hip squeezes have been known to change lives lol). With virtual doula support, Babycakes Birth Services can provide support to you through phone call, text, Skype, Good Duo, Zoom, FaceTime, and/or email.

Virtual doula support can be provided for just HALF of the fee of our basic in-person support package. From the moment a contract is signed through the first two weeks of your postpartum period, a doula is available to contact 24/7. This allows you access to our list of vetted resources, to answer questions (like when you think you lost your mucus plug in the toilet at 3am), to educate you on how to advocate for yourself through your birth experience, and of course, to be your cheerleader! Oh…the power of technology! 

Know someone who might benefit from this service but may want a more intimate experience with their partner? Contact us to ask about our gift cards, which can be applied to any of our services, including virtual support! More of an in-person kind of family? Read up on all the wonderful things birth doulas can do for you here.

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